Parshas Yisro

And Yisro the High Priest of Midian heard about all that Hashem did for Moshe and H.s people, Yisroel, and that H. brought Yisroel out of Mitzrayim (Shemos 18/1)… And Moshe told his father-in-law all that Hashem did to Paroah and to Mitzrayim for the sake of Yisroel, the hardships they encountered on the way, and how Hashem rescued them. (Shemos 18/8)

Zera Shimshon quotes the sefer Zera Beirach who asks why does the possuk single out that the miracle that Hashem took us out of Mitzrayim was what caused for Yisro’s coming after it says in the beginning of the possuk that Yisro heard EVERYTHING that Hashem did for us. (which also includes the splitting of Yam Suf, the war with Amalek, and the Man)

Another question that he asks is that in possuk 8 the Torah tells us that after Yisro came to Moshe, “Moshe told Yisro everything that happened”. Rashi explains that this means that he told him the splitting of Yam Suf and the war with Amelek! If Yisro already heard this, why did Moshe tell him what he already knew?

A third question that he asks is that the possuk tells us that after Moshe told Yisro “everything that happened” Yisro’s responded and saidBlessed is Hashem etc.”. Why didn’t he bless Hashem he initially heard the miracles?

He answers all three question with one idea. Yisro was the high priest in Midian and he very well versed in sorcery and black magic which was the basis of their religion. Not only did he know sorcery but he believed that the Evil Power is the most powerful force in the universe. To such a degree, that it was even more powerful than Hashem!

All this changed though, when Bnei Yisroel left Mitzrayim. Mitzrayim was guarded by Evil Forces and didn’t allow anyone to leave Mitzrayim. When Hashem took Bnei Hisroel out of Mitzrayim he saw that Hashem was really stronger than the Evil Powers! This is when he converted.

He believed though that the war with Amalek and the splitting of the Yam had nothing to do with Hashem being stronger that the Evil Force. Therefore even though that he saw them as miracles he singled out the miracle that Hashem took them out of Mitzrayim, because in his eyes this was the biggest miracle. (This is the answer to the first question.)

When Moshe realized that Yisro’s only mentioned this miracle, Moshe realized that Yisro believed that the war with Amalek and the splitting of the Yam weren’t events that Hashem overpowered the Evil Force. This however isn’t true. Moshe explained to Yisro that Hashem overpowered the Evil Forces both at the splitting of the Yam and during the war with Amalek. (This answers the second question Zera Shimshon asked.)

After Yisro came to realize, that it was Hashem’s superpower that caused ALL of these miracles, he answered “Blessed is Hashem etc.” (The answer to the third question)


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