Parshas Pekudai

And he ( Moshe) spread the cover on the Mishkan and he put another covering over the first covering just like Hashem commanded him. ( Shemos 40/19)

The Gemorro in Nedarim (38A) says, ” Hashem only rests H.s Shechinah on a wise person, a strong person, and a rich person. (We learn) all (of these things) from Moshe. A strong person: like it says concerning the Mishkan, ‘And he (Moshe) spread the cover over the Mishkan‘…” (Since the Mishkan was 10 Amos high it must be that Moshe was strong.)

The Rosh asks why did the Gemorro bring a proof from possuk 19, “And he (Moshe) spread the cover over the Mishkan” and not from the previous possuk (18), “And Moshe erected the Mishkan… (and he stood up the beams)…”. It would seem that the beams were heavier than the fabric that covered the Mishkan.

Zera Shimshon answers that the Gemorro proof is really from both pesukim.

There is no proof that Moshe was strong from the first possuk alone “And Moshe erected the Mishkan… (and he stood up the beams)…” because we could understand that Moshe really wasn’t very strong. He was able to put the set up the planks only because Hashem helped him. The only reason that Hashem required Moshe’s help was because H. wanted Moshe to take part in the building of he Mishkan (similar to the precious stones that Hashem gave to the Leaders of the Tribes in order for them to contribute and to take part in the building of the Mishkan).

Therefore the Gemorro brings the next possuk “And he (Moshe) spread the covering over the Mishkan” to negate this possibility. Since Moshe also spread the covering on the Mishkan he took part in the building of the Mishkan. Why then did he also put the planks in place instead of Betzalal who was the main engineer? The Gemorro therefore concludes that it must be because he was strong!

Zera Shimshon goes one step further. Even if placing the planks was a miracle, there is still a proof that Moshe was strong!

Since Hashem makes miracles as close to nature as possible if Moshe wasn’t extremely strong, Hashem would have chose someone else to minimize the miracle. By the fact that Hashem chose Moshe, we can conclude that he was very strong!

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