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Parshas Vayikra

The Medrash in the beginning of our parsha writes, “Any talmid chochom that doesn’t have wisdom (daas) the carcass of an animal is better than him. The proof: Moshe… didn’t go into the Mishkan until (Hashem) called him, like it says, “And (Hashem) called Moshe…”

Zera Shimshon asks two obvious questions.

A carcass of an animal and a talmid chochom are so different that they are incomparable?

Secondly, how do we understand the proof that the Medrash brings from Moshe?

He answers based on the Maharsha’s explanation of two Gemorros in Sanhedrin 92A: “Whoever doesn’t have wisdom one should not have mercy on him.” And, the second one, “Anyone who has wisdom eventually becomes rich”. Wisdom in these two Gemorros, the Maharsha explains, is the wisdom to realize that whatever we have comes from Hashem and that Hashem gives it to us only after we ask for it.

We can’t take H.s kindness for granted, feel that we deserve it, and just wait for Hashem to give it to us. We have to ask Hashem for what we want and be grateful to Hashem when H. grants our request.

Zera Shimshon continues that even animals, that were promised sustenance, have toask Hashem for their needs!

Chazal tell us that the reason Hahem prohibits us to eat the carcass of animals is because H. gives them to dogs as a reward for not barking when we left Mitzrayim. Even though that Hashem promised the carcasses to the dogs they still have to ask Hashem for it, like it says in Tehilim (147/9) “(Hashem) gives animals their food, to the children of ostriches that cry (to Hashem)”.

With these two concepts in mind the Zera Shimshon explains the Medrash that we opened with: “Any talmid chochom that doesn’t have wisdom (daas) the carcass of an animal is better than him”.

How can atalmid chochom who has learnt and sees the depth and beauty of the Torah and still not have the wisdom to ask from Hashem for his needs? It must be, explains Zera Shimshon,that he thinks that since he has learnt so much he deserves that all of his needs be taken cared of even without asking.

However, we see from a carcass, that even though Hashem promised to give it to the dogs, the dog has to still ask Hashem for it. Therefore, even a carcass is better than the talmid chochom that doesn’t realize this!

This, concludes Zera Shimshon, is seen in the way that Moshe conducted himself. Even though that he had great merits and he surely should be granted the right to enter the Mishkan whenever he wants, he realized that we can take nothing for granted and didn’t enter the axMishkanuntil Hashem called him.

(Based on Zera Shimshon Parshas Vayikra page 1 “bais” ) Click here to see the original

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